What is a hosted predictive dialer and how it is good for your business

There are a lot of dialing solutions for a call center in the market. Among these available solutions, the best one is the hosted predictive dialer. It is also referred to as a web based predictive dialer. A predictive dialer is an automated telephone system which works on a statistical algorithm and dials a series of telephone numbers, transferring the answered calls to the agents. It can increase the productivity of a call center to a great extent. The most popular businesses these days use call centers, and the most important tool to operate a call center is a predictive dialer. The key point of a predictive dialer is to make call agents more competent and productive as the dialer cuts down the idle time by almost 70%. Thus, agents can speak more often with the caller (potential customer) and are able to handle the prospect as quickly as possible. With the help of predictive dialer software your call center can do its work in less time.

Hosted predictive dialers are comprised of more advanced technology than the traditional automatic dialers. With automatic dialers the dialer automatically dials the calls and transfers them to the agents, however it does not screen the call which results in an unnecessary wastage of time. This definitely results in less productivity. A hosted predictive dialer, on the other hand, screens the unnecessary calls, and is programmed to predict when the next agent will be available to pick up the next call. It can predict the number of available agents, available lines, average call handling time and various other factors and adjust the flow of the outbound calls accordingly. Therefore this software delivers a high level of efficiency to the call centers. This process increases productivity as the agents can spend their time talking to the customers rather than dealing with answering machines, busy signals or fax machines.

The information related to the telephone numbers is usually stored on the network servers in the call centers. Hosted predictive dialer and the computer systems of the agents making calls are linked to the network servers which contain telephone numbers. A software application linked with the predictive dialer is installed on the computers. This software application performs the process of dialing for the agents. As soon as the agent receives the call, the software application displays all the information related to the potential customer on the agent’s computer screen, so the agent can begin the conversation accordingly. Predictive dialing automatically predicts and transfers the call to the available agent on the available line and disconnects from the no answers, busy signals, answering machines and the fax machines. Only the live call is transferred to the agent.

Another great benefit of using such a dialer system is that it can make your call center agents virtual. In other words, your agents can be the part of call center even if they are not physically present at the call center. Hosted predictive dialers can enable agents to work from any place. As it is a web based solution, managers have full control to keep track of the agents’ efficiency and productivity. The most successful businesses and enterprises wanted to have a solution for increased productivity in their call center and the search led them to the best available, and that solution is the predictive dialer.

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