Why predictive dialers are a must have solution for a call center

Predictive dialers are normally the best tools that a call center has at their disposal. They have the ability to dial multiple phone numbers, and direct the calls to the next line that is available to take them. They help companies save huge amounts of time- instead of having a agent sit there and physically dial each number until they found one willing to talk, this software could dial huge list of numbers in a short span of time and connect the functional ones to whichever representative would be free. The thing is, there are some positive and negative attributes of a predictive dialer, and some definite Dos and Don’ts that typical businesses should follow.

This software is a computer telephony system that automatically dials a list of telephone numbers, in such a manner that it filters and eliminates all the unproductive calls such as “do not call” numbers, automatic answering machine, busy tone, no signal, fax tone etc. The main advantage of this system is that it can automatically dials the telephone numbers. Hence, it reduced the time and efforts of manual dialing and increased the productivity of the agents and ultimately optimized the output of the call centers. The goal of this software is to consume idle time for the call center agents and get more sales.

This technology, along with customer relationship management (CRM) software takes a form of complete call center software solution. With the invention of new predictive dialer system these Business to Consumer firms are enjoying their increased operation, productivity and efficiency. Consumer’s satisfaction is the sole aim of any business and that is what telemarketing organizations are being able to hit at with this great solution. You will come across many companies that are in to the production of these speed dialing devices and it completely depends on your selection. Statistics show that call center agents increase their total sales time on the phone from 15 minutes per hour on average to just under forty minutes per hour. This is achieved by saving the agent from dialing numbers, waiting for the phone to ring, and tackling with unanswered calls or answering systems.

Depending on the requirements of your organization/firm, prices of these dialers can range from $3,600 to $65,000. The more expensive packages have very advanced features which their low priced models lack. Many sellers of the components of dialers are accessible through their websites on the internet. After purchasing any of these systems, additional services like installation, maintenance and training of users could be offered. Therefore, if your organization requires a unique communication solution for managing customer relationships, the predictive dialer is the answer. This will help you to increase your productivity level and therefore increase revenue. This will make your business more profitable.

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