Dialing a huge volume of leads through the predictive dialer

The predictive dialer is an application which has the ability to dial a huge list of phone numbers. It performs over manual dialing of phone numbers by checking which agents are available and are not busy on other calls. It then connects the calls to these available agents. It can predict the number of available agents, available lines, average call handling time and various other factors and adjust the flow of the outbound calls accordingly. This measurement delivers a high level of efficiency to the call centers.

Before the era of the predictive dialing system, auto dialers were used in huge numbers in call centers. In this process, software is programmed to dial a huge list of phone calls automatically.  However the predictive dialers can detect whether a live agent is present for receiving the call. A pre-recorded marketing message can also be played in the back ground while the person waits for the dialer to find an available agent if one is unavailable.

The predictive dialer, on the other hand, predicts when there will be an agent available for a call. It uses a mathematical algorithm for analyzing when to transfer the call to the agent.  This is a major difference between a predictive dialer and an auto dialer. In normal performance, they dial more calls than number of agents and when an agent is available it switches the potential customer to that agent, because it has an estimated time related to how long an agent spends on a call. In this way it makes the job of a telemarketer much easier.

When combined with typical CRM software, the predictive dialer system becomes a complete call center solution. With the new predictive dialer system revolutionizing the predictive dialing process, the call center can generate more revenue with more calls handled by a minimum number of agents, also including work at home employees. The modern dialing systems far outpace old predictive dialer technology.

Most auto dialer software generally allows sales reps to dial a huge volume of leads, but predictive dialers carry out this by calling more numbers than there are available sales representatives or agents. When calls are made by a standard auto dialer there is a chance that there will be no sales reps to talk to that lead. These calls are generally dropped and those leads are then wasted. Once you have a predictive dialer and get it all set up, you import your list of phone numbers.  The primary function is to find people to answer the phone calls and let agents talk to them.  If the software system does the dialing method, you will always be able to talk to more people in a specified time period.

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