Improving the quality of your voice broadcasting campaign

Voice broadcasting consists of sending our pre-recorded messages over the phone using an automated dialing platform. The system can deliver your message to 100s and even thousands of people instantaneously. Voice Broadcasting is an efficient technological invention which allows users to target a specific list of contacts with their message of choice. The company or individual using this service only needs to maintain a database of its contacts, which it intends to target for sales, promotion, announcements, advertisement of a product or service or a political initiative.

In the past, reaching hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of people was a daunting proposition. You either had to invest in expensive, inflexible and hard-to-use auto dialer technology, or do so with the people, phones and overhead of a telemarketing operation. Neither was a perfect solution, and both are far beyond the reach of the typical small businessperson. But with the revolutionary new voice broadcasting software that is available today, you can get your phone ringing off the hook automatically without all the headache and heavy investment. Better still, nobody has to make a cold call at all! The system does the screening and sorting for you. All you do is talk to interested people and take orders.

Many communities have found voice broadcasting software to be especially beneficial when alerting citizens to emergencies. For instance, in a fire or other disaster, sending a message over the telephone can alert a building’s tenants. Sensors that initiate an emergency phone broadcast by sending a signal over the phone can trigger this automatically. Other applications may be as simple as wake-up calls or weather alerts that are triggered automatically from your own computer systems or websites. Voice broadcasting is inexpensive, but if the sales agents are not able to take advantage of the leads, the lead generation process will not be profitable. Voice broadcasting is possibly the fastest marketing tool for lead generation.

Your voice broadcast results are only as good as your message quality and the quality of your list. Capture the listener’s attention with an attractive offer at the beginning and end of the message. Bear in mind that you only have a few seconds to get their attention. You should always begin your message with your most powerful product or service and an attention grabbing statement. As with bulk e-mails (which is a proven successful internet marketing tactic), a single phone call can let hundreds of people know about a particular product. Voice broadcasting programs come loaded with a multitude of features and options that helps the user of the platform with their marketing initiative.