Role of the Predictive Dialer in a Call Center

Today the most important factor for promoting your business or company is advertising that always gives you maximum results. It has never been easy to open a call center and hire agents who have to manually dial numbers, but the predictive dialer has made it easy, comprehensive and a more profitable business. It is a software application that is operated by a computer system to help the call center agent dial the given list of telephone numbers, although it can be an expensive solution, keep in mind that it is an investment in saving time and completing more sales.

When using a predictive dialer, an agent or call center as a whole can make more progress in less time and would be able to get the maximum rate of return of profit. A predictive dialer device has the ability to enhance the productivity, efficiency and performance of the call center or the agent who works from home. In the past when an agent was dialing the numbers manually they might only be speaking to actual clients for approximately 15 minutes. Now, with the use of a predictive dialer it is raised up to 45 minutes per hour which is awesome. The latest software is used to enhance the performance more then 300%. All of this will save time, gaining maximum profit and allow the agents to interact with more customers throughout the workday.

One other great advantage of this technology is that it dials numbers automatically, once you supply the desired phone number list. It reads these numbers and dials by sequence, thus you can save manual dialing time which can also lead to fewer employees needed in your call center. These type of dialers are a cost-effective solution for call centers and also very helpful in increasing sales and advertising efforts.

Here are some of the major and prestigious advantages of predictive dialer software:

1. Filters useless and unproductive calls allowing a call center to enhance profit and improve performance because it can get rid of lost time, spent dialing the numbers manually. This technology makes sure the agents time is spent in a useful way.

2. With the help of this technology you can also save your time by leading management abilities. The “do not call” is an important command which is used to make sure you are not contacting prospects who do not want to be called again.

3. The other big advantage of such an advanced system is you can get feedback from customers quickly and efficiently.

4. A predictive dialer helps to increase per hour sales and thus increase profit.

5. It also helps to control leads. It automatically stores the number once it dials. You just need to use the dial command and it will automatically pick the numbers from memory which is useful.

In the dialing process when the server or dialer starts calling the number, it is the predictive dialer that manages the calls. In a situation where there is no response or silence from other side, the dialer hangs up. Regarding the other calls, the dialer will screen out busy, unanswered, and answering machine calls (optional). You can choose to have only the live calls put through to the agents. As soon as the agent gets connected to a call he can view all the information related to the call on his screen.