Hosted predictive dialer services

A hosted predictive dialer service provides the client with a high performance and efficient automated predictive dialer solution usually with monthly based payments. The dialer is normally made ready for use and supported by the service provider and then delivered to the customer ready to be used within an hour. This technology can greatly increase the productivity or efficiency of the contact center staff. The predictive software has become extremely popular in a short span of time. The predictive dialer is a system that automatically dials a list of phone numbers and this is the secret behind the efficacy of the agents at the call centers. The dialer dials the telephone numbers of the potential customers ahead of the company agents and this enables the company’s dial rates to shoot up. With the success of the dialers several platforms are now available in the market. Though the functions of all types of predictive dialers are the essentially the same they differ in terms of delivery methods and architecture.

A hosted predictive dialer is also known as web based predictive dialer. It is software provided as a service model solution offered by some of the well known hosting companies. This dialer solution is actually a normal predictive dialer solution, but it is offered through web hosted interface. Just like the normal service, web based solution dials a list of predefined cell phone and telephone numbers in such a calculated way that it eliminates those calls that are busy, no answer, fax, answering machine, and even those numbers that are enlisted with National Do Not Call Registry. This hosted solution is an ideal and cost effective solution for all call centers as it can efficiently improve their sales and marketing activities.

Predictive dialer-applications allow the call centers to significantly increase revenue and productivity because the software eliminates the time that call agents spend manually dialing numbers and waiting for telephone calls to be answered. This modern technology ensures that agents spend their time in an efficient manner. The system can estimate or predict when an agent is likely to finish his current phone call, and dials using another phone line automatically while the agent is still in conversation. As soon as the agent is available for a call, the dialer software passes the phone call to the agent after the phone call is answered by the client.

With this technology, a huge amount of time is saved courtesy of the lead management feature. This option cleans the dialing list against any state and federal forbidden list, at the same time organizing vital information like callbacks, leads and sales. Predictive dialer-software also allows for better control of the agents in a call center, because the applications allow the call center management to listen to agents at any time, without the agent’s knowledge. It is also possible to view the number of calls agents have completed in real time and the total break time each agent has taken in a particular working period.